Bear Hill Lodge Hotel in Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park has several good places to get a night’s sleep within the borders of Canada’s largest national park.

Conveniently located Bear Hill Lodge in Jasper National Park falls into the category of mid-priced hotels in Jasper National Park with the hotel’s price per night in the $200 range during the peak months and a little more reasonable before mid-June and after mid-September.

The family-owned hotel is located at 100 Bonhomme Street in Jasper and a nice walk to the downtown area where the Jasper Information Centre and restaurants are.

A review of Bear Hill Lodge’s features reveals a lot of nice add-ons not found at other Jasper hotels.  The lodge offers several quality cottage cabin accommodations, some with kitchenettes, some with multiple beds, and some rooms even have a wood or gas fireplace.  To me, the fireplace would be fun in the winter or on a cool rainy day when you just want to rest and read a book.

The Lodge also offers hotels rooms above its main lodge building.  These rooms are nicely appointed as well with a kitchenette, gas fireplace and a balcony.

Bear Hill Lodge, Jasper National Park

Cabins at Bear Hill Lodge, Jasper National Park

Bear Hill Lodge entrance

Bear Hill Lodge entrance

The Bear Hill Lodge offers a continental breakfast in its breakfast room.  Price is included with some rooms, but $10.00 for other rooms.  Fill up and then head off for your Jasper National Park adventure.

At the end of the day (or anytime between 8:30 AM and 10 PM), soak at Bear Hill Lodge’s spa.  It has a hot tub and sauna.

Some other things to note:

The nightly room rental rates are for 2 people only and Bear Hill Lodge currently has a fee of $20.00 per night for each additional person over age 15.

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For more information, see the hotel’s website.

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2 comments to Bear Hill Lodge Hotel in Jasper National Park

  • That looks very cute and quaint! It makes me think of something from a storybook or a fairy tale. I bet it’s very quiet, I’d love to get away and go somewhere quiet like that. Sometimes you just want to escape everyone and all the noise of the city.

  • Jay Taylor

    I just planned a trip to Jasper National Park using There is so many hotels to choose from the in area but I eventually chose Bear Hill Lodge Hotel.

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