Glacier View Inn Hotel between Jasper and Banff National Parks

Ever wanted to stay at a hotel where you could see a glacier out your window?

The aptly named Glacier View Inn is rare in its ability to offer a view of a glacier from a hotel room.

Its location at the Columbia Icefield Centre on the Icefield Parkway on the southern border of Jasper National Park makes it a desirable hotel in Jasper for spending the night on the way to or from neighboring Banff National Park.

And the Glacier View Inn’s view of the Athabasca Glacier makes for one of the most unique hotels in Canadian Rockies or the world, for that matter.

The Athabasca Glacier from Columbia Icefield Visitors' Centre

Other than that, the Glacier View Inn is a typical hotel.  The hotel has 32 rooms – all on the 3rd floor of the Icefield Centre.  Some rooms have a glacier view.  Other slightly cheaper rooms have only a mountain view.  Either way, the price is on the high side for the facility.

The price (about $275 a night during peak season) seems like a lot (I’m a cheapskate when it comes to accommodations).  But a location like this can ask that kind of money and still be filled to capacity during the peaks summer months.  You’re paying for the view and location versus luxury.

L 028

Also, be aware that facilities are limited in this area of the park.  The only dining is in the Columbia Icefield Centre on the 2nd floor which has a restaurant open for breakfast and dinner.  It also has a cafeteria open during icefield tour operating hours during the day.

Then again, doing the Columbia Icefield Snocoach tour is really convenient – just walk downstairs to the bus first thing in the morning.

So the location has its pluses (location, location, location) and minuses (amenities, services, price).  As a one-nighter, it may make a good choice for some Canadian Rockies travel itineraries.  Otherwise, there are plenty of convenient hotels in the centrally located Jasper townsite area or in Banff from which day trips to the Columbia Icefield may end up being an experience more fitting of your needs and tastes.

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