“I can’t find a hotel in Jasper National Park?” Top 5 Alternatives

As often happens during peak summer months, travelers are frustrated about the availability of hotels within Jasper National Park and other national parks.

I’ve been to Yellowstone National Park in the US and the situation is similar.  In fact, finding accommodations within Yellowstone National Park can be even harder than Jasper National Park.

As the saying goes, “it is what it is.”  If these great parks were full of hotels, they’d be cities.

Luckily, for the adventurous types, many hotel alternatives can give you a good enough place to sleep.

Twin Peaks#25 - Sunny Morning- 06.09.17

For travelers planning a visit to Jasper National Park, there are several alternatives to staying in hotels within Jasper:

  1. Stay in Hinton, AB hotels on the eastern border of Jasper National Park.
  2. Stay in Valemount, BC near Mt Robson Provincial Park, an hour from Jasper’s western border.
  3. Stay in Banff National Park, on Jasper’s southern border.
  4. Try camping in Jasper National Park in a tent or bring an RV.
  5. Stay in a Jasper private home accommodation – Few travelers know about private home accommodations in Jasper National Park.  They are not heavily promoted and can be a bargain.

Or, do a combination of the above. Start on one side of the Canadian Rockies and then make your way across. Maybe start from Yoho National Park, spend a day or 2 in Banff National Park, then hit Jasper and maybe exit out at Mt Robson or head the other way to Edmonton.

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