My Full Review of the Chateau Jasper Hotel in Jasper National Park

As part of my recent trip to the Canadian Rockies, I spent 5 nights at the Chateau Jasper, amongst the hotels in Jasper National Park I am pleased to recommend based on my experiences.  This is my really long review of the hotel.

The 3-story, 119 room Chateau Jasper hotel is conveniently located in Jasper townsite, the small town in the center of the big national park.

Review of Chateau Jasper’s Room Quality

We stayed in a 2 queen bed room.  The beds were comfortable, though after a day of hiking in Jasper, I could sleep on anything!  I slept well every night.

The room had a home feel to it which I liked.  The furniture wasn’t sterile or cold like some hotels, as you can see from the pictures.

I was happy with the bathroom area as it had plenty of room and two sinks.  It was clean and modern.  Check out the pictures.

Our room at the Chateau Jasper also had a closet with a safe, ironing board and small half-sized refrigerator in it.  A desk, flatscreen TV and small table completed the room.  We didn’t use the TV much except to review the weather.

The room’s electrical outlets were easily accessible – important if you need to recharge phones, iPods and camera batteries.

The room came with both a coffee maker and a tea maker.  We tried both.  The coffee supplied was ok and the tea was good.  It was nice to have the tea maker, an uncommon amenity.

The walls were thick enough so I didn’t hear neighboring rooms at all but the doors could be thicker to better keep out the sound of anyone who is talking in the hallway.  On the plus side, the thick rugs on the hallway floors  keep you from hearing anyone walking.

The pillows might have variability – if that matters to you.  My wife complained that housekeeping switched the pillows on the last night and the last night’s pillows weren’t as good as earlier nights.  I dunno.  I couldn’t tell the difference, so who knows.

Chateau Jasper’s Location

The hotel is easy to find in Jasper townsite. The Chateau Jasper is on the eastern end of Geikie Street, which runs most of the length of Jasper townsite.

Once you’ve driven to Jasper townsite from the Icefield Parkway or Highway 16, it is easy to find Geikie Street and then just drive east to the hotel.  Can’t miss it.  It is next to Best Western Inn and Suites Jasper.

Walking to Downtown Jasper from the Hotel

The Chateau Jasper is a few blocks away from the downtown area.  It is an easy walk through a residential neighborhood – a chance to see the houses of the people lucky enough to call Jasper National Park home.  We did the walk several times.

And if you want a more interesting walk, take the Discovery Trail, which passes right behind the hotel’s rear parking lot.  The Discovery Trail loops around Jasper townsite and also has junctions to trails near Pyramid and Patricia Lakes.

Parking at the Hotel

Parking is fine for cars and SUVs.  The parking spaces were a good width…not too tight.  Parking wraps around the building and there are 3 exterior entrances to the hotel.  So, no matter where you park, a door is near.

There is also an underground parking garage with somewhere around 20 additional parking spaces in it.  As underground hotel parking garages go, it isn’t bad.  A little hard to navigate, but the parking spaces were wide enough to not worry about having space to open the car door.  I’d avoid the underground parking unless the outside parking lot is full.

And if both the parking lot and the garage are full, there’s some parking in the street.

Hotel Pool

The Chateau Jasper’s well-maintained indoor pool and hot tub were a nice way to start a few days.  The pool seemed to be the right temperature and had both a shallow and deep area.  The hot tub was warm and big enough.  For a hotel pool, I was happy with it.

The downside of good hotel pools can be popularity.  One time in the evening, we went down to review the situation.  It was so packed with kids that we decided to wait till the morning.  It was empty in the morning.

Wi-Fi Internet Service

I had a good Wi-Fi signal in my 3rd floor Jasper hotel room, but ended up not having time to use it.  The price to use it was pocket change.  If I remember correctly, Chateau Jasper was charging $2.95 for 2 hours.  There was a cheap 4 hour plan too I think, but if you are in Jasper and spending 4 hours on the Internet, you’d be missing out on the rest of Jasper National Park.  Even if it’s raining out, review your itinerary because there’s always something to do in Jasper.

If you don’t have a laptop, there’s a guest computer in the hotel lobby.


No free continental breakfast.  That part is a bummer.  For me and for the savvy traveler, bringing your own breakfast is quicker and better anyways.  We took advantage of the mini-fridge in our room and kept milk in it for cereal.

We had dinner at the hotel’s restaurant.  I’ll write more about that in the future.

Hotel Staff

The attitude of a hotel’s staff can make a difference and we were pleased with Chateau Jasper’s staff.  We only interacted with staff a handful of times but it was all positive.  The front-desk staff checked us in fast.  When the pool area was out of towels, we asked the front-desk and they apologized and had towels in a short amount of time.  The cleaning staff was friendly when walking by in the halls.


I ended up paying a price that was a little lower than most other Jasper hotels.  You may find better (or worse) prices than I did.  The prices for hotels change with the time of year, supply and demand, specials, etc.  You can research Jasper hotel prices here using Jasper Journal’s hotel tool powered by  Even though I’m a budget traveler and like spending less on hotels, I was pretty happy with paying a little more to stay at Chateau Jasper.  It was a fair price for the quality, comfort and location.

The end result was a pleasant 5 night stay and no regrets.  Can’t ask for more than that!

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