Ultimate List of Jasper National Park Activities

You’re in the right place for learning about things to do in Jasper National Park.

This is the Ultimate List of Jasper National Park Activities in 6 categories:

  1. Must-Do Activities – Several activities stand above the rest as the most popular activities
  2. Sports and Outdoor Activities – Most people visit Jasper to partake in outdoor activities, be it a day hike or getting out on the water
  3. Winter Activities – The park is a whole new world during winter when Marmot Basin ski area opens
  4. Wildlife and Nature Activities – Jasper National Park offers a mixture of wildlife spotting and nature appreciation activities in its montane, sub-alpine and alpine zones
  5. Town of Jasper Activities – The town of Jasper (Jasper townsite as its often called) is a small municipality in the center of Jasper National Park.  Most of the Jasper hotels, dining and all of the residential area are in Jasper townsite.
  6. Nightlife Activities – Jasper nightlife is fairly tame, probably because everyone is exhausted from all of the daytime activities, but there are things to do
Must-Do Activities
  • Mt Edith Cavell from top of Whistlers MountainColumbia Icefield Snocoach
  • Jasper Tramway
  • Maligne Lake boat ride to Spirit Island
  • Day hiking – Hike to Mt Edith Cavell or the Maligne Canyon hike
  • Miette Hot Springs
  • Scenic driving on the Icefield Parkway, Highway 16, Pyramid Lake Road, and Maligne Lake Road
  • Athabasca Falls and Sunwapta Falls waterfalls
Sports and Outdoors Activities
  • A Couple in Miette Hot SpringsCamping – Sitting by the campfire, hoping the bears stay home
  • Hiking
  • Backpacking
  • Walking
  • Standing on top of Whistlers Mountain after riding Jasper Tramway
  • Do an activity with Friends of Jasper – guided walks, bird watching, volunteer projects
  • Riding the Snocoach on Columbia Icefield
  • Swimming at your hotel
  • Swimming in a lake – brrrrrr, cold
  • Swimming in the Olympic-sized pool at Jasper Aquatic Centre
  • Swimming and soaking at Miette Hot Springs
  • Boat ride at Maligne Lake
  • White-water rafting
  • Canoeing
  • Kayaking
  • Biking
  • Fishing
  • Photography
  • Golfing at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge
  • Horseback riding
  • Helicopter rides and heli-hiking
  • Mountain climbing
Winter Activities in Jasper National Park
  • View from Athabasca GlacierSkiing at Marmot Basin
  • Snowboarding at Marmot Basin
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Snowshoeing
  • Ice walk in Maligne Canyon in winter
  • Ice climbing
  • Dog sledding
  • Ice skating
Wildlife and Nature Activities
  • A Bighorn Sheep in the Canadian RockiesWildlife watching
    • Bighorn sheep
    • Caribou
    • Mountain goats
    • Marmots
    • Pika
    • Elk
    • Bears
    • Deer
    • Coyotes
    • Wolves
    • Squirrels
    • Birds
    • Fish
  • Learning about wildlife and nature
    • Guided talks
  • Looking at plants and trees
  • River running through Maligne Canyon limestone bedrockAdmiring at glaciers and mountains and rivers and lakes
    • Athabasca Falls waterfall
    • Sunwapta Falls waterfall
    • Maligne River
    • Athabasca River
    • Athabasca Glacier, Angel Glacier and other smaller glaciers
    • Guided ice walks on the Athabasca Glacier
    • Viewing Mt Robson from afar (the huge Mt Robson is located in Mt Robson Provincial Park and viewable from Jasper)
    • Mt Edith Cavell
    • Pyramid Mountain
Town of Jasper Activities
  • Via Rail Canada train coming into townGather lots of free information at the Jasper Information Centre
  • Shop on Connaught Drive, Patricia St and vicinity
  • Walk around and get familiar with town
  • Find a place to eat
  • Shop for food so you can pack a lunch
  • Grab a morning coffee
  • Grab a morning coffee and some lunch food at a place like Truffles and Trout in the Jasper Marketplace on Patricia Street
  • Visit the Jasper-Yellowhead Museum
  • Hang-out at your hotel and relax
  • Take a look at the Jasper train station and old locomotive next to it
  • Watch the trains go by at Jasper train station
  • Ride the train to and from Jasper
  • Arrange for guided activities or buy tickets ahead of time for attractions
  • Read a book like Kathy and Craig Copeland’s Done in a Day Jasper: The 10 Premier Hikes to get prepared for day hiking
  • Rent a bike at Freewheel Cycle
  • Watch a movie at Chaba Theatre
Nightlife Activities
  • Townsite streetDining at a casual restaurant
  • Dining at a fancy restaurant
  • Dining in your car
  • Dining by your campfire
  • Not dining because a bear just stole your food and therefore, running, quickly, away from said bear.
  • Hanging out at a pub with the locals, having a beer while telling stories of the bear that stole your food

Have any other ideas?  Let’s make this the ultimate Jasper activities list.

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