A reminder to drive safe while in the Canadian Rockies

Jasper National Park’s lovely Highway 16, 93A, Icefields Parkway, Jasper townsite and other roads. 

Banff National Park. Lake Louise. Mt Robson Provincial Park.  Kootenay National Park.  Yoho National Park. Calgary. Edmonton. Hinton.

Wherever your Canadian Rockies vacation brings, there’s a lot of driving.  Do yourself a favor and plan to take it easy, take it slow and drive safe.

Campers on the way to Jasper National Park


  • You and your passengers’ safety
  • The safety of others: hikers, bikers and pedestrians walking where you least expect it.
  • Wildlife safety: the bighorn sheep, elk, bears and their friends cross the roads a lot and have the right of way
  • Other drivers who unexpectedly stop for wildlife and roadside lookout turn-offs – or just to take in the amazing scenery
  • Lastly, if you drive too fast, law enforcement will be giving out tickets

Look for the fun animal signs with the posted speed limits.
Bighorn Sheep speed limit sign

Keep it safe and have fun in the Canadian Rockies!!

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2 comments to A reminder to drive safe while in the Canadian Rockies

  • I always read your blogs something everyday because I like your thought and I got much advice after read you. I tell to my other friends about this & it’s blog. I hope you will read my this comment and you will remember me. i want you to always make new articles like this. I appreciate this. Thanks a lot.

  • Peter McClure

    How about:

    Stay in your car. If there’s a cute little bear cub, moma’s around somewhere nearby. Elk are particulary dangerous, especially in the late summer and fall.

    Don’t feed the animals. When they get too tame, they lose their fear of people. Some get hit by cars or start getting aggressive and have to be destroyed. The rule isn’t to protect the tourists, it’s to protect the animals from the tourists.

    Obey the speed limits. Take your time and pay attention to the signs. After all you spent a lot of money to get there – enjoy the views. And there are many areas in the Parks where there are very real hazards, such as avalanche areas or animals crossing.

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