Jasper Train Station Guide

The Jasper Train Station, officially known as the Jasper Heritage Railway Station, is a travel hub for many visitors to Jasper. Train travelers arrive and depart on trains with names like the Rocky Mountaineer and VIA Rail’s the Canadian, Skeena and Snow Train lines.  The park and town of Jasper has clearly grown up around the train station – leaving the train station with a great location.  But many travelers ask what they should do upon arriving at the Jasper train station.

This guide will look at some of the options for those travelers being dropped off at the train station and who only have a short time to spend in Jasper National Park.

Train Station in Jasper

Within walking distance of the Jasper Train Station

The Jasper train station has a great location for exploring Jasper townsite by foot.  The Jasper train station is on Connaught Drive in the midst of the Jasper townsite action.

Jasper Park Information CenterTownsite streetWhistlers hotel on the main street in the townsite area

Restaurants and Activities Near the Jasper Train Station

If walking around Jasper after being dropped off at the train station, be sure to take a look at the old Jasper Information Centre on Connaught Drive.  You can get free advice there on current hiking conditions.

You’ll also want to walk on Connaught Drive and Patricia Street a little and explore the side streets.  Shopping, restaurants, several hotels and a few guided tour offices are in walking distance of the train station. You’ll find a variety of restaurants, from fast food (A&W/KFC/Subway by heading west on Connaught from the train station) to formal dining and everything in between (all around Jasper townsite) within easy walking distance of the train station.

If you want, you can rent a bicycle from a few bike shops in town (try Vicious Cycle on Connaught Drive or Freewheel Cycle and Jasper Source for Sports on Patrica Street), all within walking distance of the train station.

Want to see a little nature but don’t have a car?  Take a hike on the Discovery Trail, an easy newer hiking trail that wraps around the perimeter of the Jasper townsite.  It’s a great way to experience nature hands-on after taking a train to Jasper National Park.  Or, take a longer hike on adjacent trails in the area. Parks Canada has good info on adjacent trails here.

For a slower pace, take a stroll through the Jasper museum and you’ll see the importance of the train in Jasper’s history.

Side trips from the Jasper Train Station

Though you can have a good time within walking distance of the train station, also consider the various guided tours arranged on your own or as part of a train travel package.  You’ll need either a tour’s transportation or a rental car to get out to the main Jasper National Park attractions, like Maligne Lake, the Jasper Tramway or the Athabasca Glacier.

Maligne Lake Side trip

Maligne Lake CanoeingMaligne Lake boat sceneSpirit Island on Maligne Lake

Maligne Lake is a fun and wonderfully scenic place worthy of a day-trip excursion from the Jasper train station if you have the time.  There are a few ways to get there including a daily shuttle.

Jasper Tramway Side trip

Hiking up the mountainJasper TramwayView from atop Whistler's Mountain

The Jasper Tramway is also very close but requires some form of transportation from the Jasper train station to the tramway.  The Jasper Tramway carries you to the top of the world, high up Whistler’s Mountain where you can see the surrounding Canadian Rockies.  It is a neat experience and a nice contrast to riding in a train.

Other side trips

Miette Hot Springs Pools

Miette Hot Springs is the place to go to lounge and soak in the water.  The springs have several recently updated pools of varying temperatures.

For something unique, take a look into white water rafting in Jasper National Park. There are guided white water rafting tours on very mild rivers suitable for all ages.

Renting a car from Jasper train station

After riding in a train all day, you may want the freedom to go at your own pace and see what you want in Jasper.  If so, rent a car.  Both National and Hertz have offices inside the Jasper train station.  Avis and Budget car rentals are in town within walking distance.  Be aware that renting a car last minute in Jasper may leave you disappointed.  Make a reservation as far in advance as you can because supply is sometimes be limited.

Outside Jasper Train Station

Historic Canadian National 6015 Train on Exhibit

Outside the train station, take a look at the Canadian National 6015 steam train on display.  The train was made in 1923 and now resides in Jasper.

Inside Jasper Train Station

The small, cozy train station is nicely kept. You’ll find an information desk, car rentals and other facilities in the building.

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  • Carolyn Nicholson

    I was wondering where one leaves their car when taking the skeena from Jasper to Prince Rupert, we would be gone seven or eight days.

  • Jasper Train Station looks really wonderfull. by coincidence , it looks like another train station in melbourne australia victoria.

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