Photo: My wild night in Radium Hot Springs

Sometimes the wildlife is least where you expect it!

I had just spent 3 hours driving from one side of Kootenay National Park to the other leisurely looking for wildlife to only spot some deer and a glimpse of a …

Do you think it is OK to feed bears in Jasper National Park?

Here’s report off of the Parks Canada website this week (from the weekly bear report):

“Bubbling Springs [picnic area] has had several incidents of a black bear approaching people, receiving food rewards and displaying aggressive behaviour. The area has

Parks Canada’s Guides to Bears in Jasper and Banff National Parks

What do you do if you see a black bear or a grizzly bear far away?  Easy.  Give them their space.

But what if you turn the corner and there’s a black bear or a grizzly bear coming in your …

Visiting with Bighorn Sheep at Miette Hot Springs, Jasper National Park

Bighorn sheep ewe at Miette Hot Springs

As I was about to leave the parking lot at Miette Hot Springs, a group of bighorn sheep emerged from the woods and headed towards the picnic area.

I thought the fun was done after a day of hiking on …

A White-crowned Sparrow in Jasper National Park

White-crowned Sparrow in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

The white-crowned sparrow is quite common throughout North America and you’ve probably seen them many times if you are from Canada or the USA.  If not, you’ll get a chance to see them in the Canadian Rockies.

I saw the …

Photo: Elk at Jasper Park Lodge

Elk at Jasper Park Lodge

Elk are sometimes in the most curious of places.   They’re amongst the most fearless of the large wildlife.   Many a time have I witnessed elk nonchalantly grazing in the middle of tourist-dense areas of the Canadian Rockies and in Yellowstone …

Animal Footprints of the Canadian Rockies

Animal footprints in the Canadian Rockies

The Banff National Park Information Centre in downtown Banff has an interesting wildlife footprints display.

It is fun for kids and grown-ups alike to try to guess what animal has which footprint.

Can you guess which is an elk, a …

A Red Fox Visits Jasper National Park

A red fox in Jasper National Park

What is that in the distance?  Is that a coyote or a fox?

A red fox.

Having been my first time seeing a red fox in person, I’d have to wait till I got home to verify the sighting.

I …

A Black Bear Having a Bad Hair Day in Banff National Park

Black Bear in Banff National Park

These photos are of a black bear casually nibbling on plants along the roadside in Banff National Park.

I was very lucky to spot this character on the Bow Valley Parkway near Banff townsite.

You may think black bears are …

Elk along Bow Valley Parkway in Banff National Park – Photo of the Day

Elk in Banff National Park along Bow Valley Parkway 1A

Today’s photo is of an impressive pair of elk in Banff National Park.

These 2 elk fellows were walking along the Bow Valley Parkway 1A, a less traveled road that parallels Highway 1 from Banff townsite to Lake Louise Village.…