10 Beautiful pictures of Cavell Glacier and Cavell Pond in Jasper National Park

Glaciers. Jasper National Park has them. One of the smaller glaciers is Cavell Glacier on the edge of Cavell Pond. Cavell Glacier is next to the larger Angel Glacier and the two share their ice with Cavell Pond.

Both glaciers can be seen by hiking the Path of the Glacier Loop, a 1-2 hours hike from the trailhead on Cavell Road. The Cavell Meadow trail continues from the Path of the Glacier trail and will bring a Jasper National Park hiker past more views of the glaciers.

Seeing the icebergs from Angel Glacier and Cavell Glacier floating in Cavell Pond is a wonderful reward for the hike.  Many Jasper National Park hiking visitors have photographed this phenomena.  Here’s a selection of beautiful photos of Cavell Pond glacial ice:

Ice breaking up on Clavell Lake in Jasper National Park (by Alaskan Dude)

As a frame of reference, this photo shows the scene with Angel Glacier (a topic for another day!) spreading its wings above Cavell Glacier and Cavell Pond.

Stitched shot of Angel Glacier, Mt. Edith Clavell, Jasper National Park (by Alaskan Dude)

Edith Cavell lake and glacier   p1010082

As can be seen from the pictures from several photographers, every day is different on Cavell Pond.

Mount Edit Cavell Lake, Jasper National Park Canada

20070808-DSC_0514 (by jgreenberg)

Glacial Pond below Angel Glacier

cavell glacier (by A tea but no e)

Mount Edith Cavell (by jodastephen)

Mount Edith Cavell (by jodastephen)

Angel Glacier, Jasper National Park

(Photo credits: click photos to view original)

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6 comments to 10 Beautiful pictures of Cavell Glacier and Cavell Pond in Jasper National Park

  • Great effects on the ice! Very dramatic and awe-inspiring. I like them a lot.

  • Thanks for sharing, I really like your photos. Are you a professional photographer? Keep up the good work.

  • These phtos are fantastic. I hope to visit this park one day… :)

  • The photos are really amazing! The snowy white blocks of ice are captivating. It really is worth it to drop by your blog and to see these pictures.

  • These are wonderful photos. I am amazed by the formation of glacier. Others may not see the wonders of it but the images you’ve captured emphasized its beauty.

  • Great photography work, DH. I, being a mere newbie in the field, have had quite some trouble with snow as they seem to reflect light, or deflect it … I really can’t decide. Your photos are so clear.

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