3 Essential Travel Supplies for a Jasper National Park Vacation

I was looking at my packing list today for my return trip to the Canadian Rockies.

I either need more suitcases or need to cut some things off the list!

Looking at the list, I noticed 3 things on my list that are essential for a Jasper National Park vacation and thought I’d mention it.

Having forgotten them before, they’re packed early this trip.

The 3 things are…


  • Band-aids, ibuprofen, and toilet seat covers.

1. Band-aids are great just in case you get a blister while hiking.  A blister can take the fun out of hiking in Jasper National Park.  Put a bandage over a blister and “voila”, it stops the friction and feels better.  And if you have a trouble spot where you think you’ll get a blister, put a band-aid on ahead of time for protection from friction.

2. Ibuprofen is also your friend.  When you do a lot of hiking, it helps with any muscle aches.  I don’t know about you, but for me, things go better in terms of muscle aches if I take it before hiking.

It also helps make a long day of driving that much better to prevent muscle aches and backaches.

Or muscle aches from sleeping in a bed you’re not used to – or from sleeping on the ground while camping.

3. Toilet seat covers also have to be on my list.  Toilet seat covers can be a lifesaver if you are using outhouses a lot, which you may in the Canadian Rockies.  Most outhouses are clean.

But to be blunt, no one wants to sit on pee if the situation arises.  Enough said.

Also, a runner-up item on my list of essentials is toilet paper.  More than likely, it won’t be needed except for long hikes, but better to have it than not.

What items do you consider essential?

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2 comments to 3 Essential Travel Supplies for a Jasper National Park Vacation

  • Toilet seat covers are a must these days…

  • Peter McClure

    Your ‘essentials’ are way down the bottom of my list. Then again, I do a lot of hiking, so my priorities are different.

    Water and something to carry it in.
    Clothing: Base layer, fleece, hard shell.
    Proper hiking boots: Trail shoes or runners just aren’t good enough.
    Food: Enough to stay out overnight if you have to.
    Emergency kit: Plastic tarp, survival blanket, dollar-store poncho, matches/lighter, water tabs, first aid kit.

    Lots more, but you get the idea.

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