Photo: Limestone Erosion while Hiking Maligne Canyon

Hiking in Maligne Canyon provides a chance to see the history in the making. Many great views of eroded limestone bedrock line the trail. This erosion has taken place over thousands of years. Learn more about hiking Maligne Canyon and see more photos of Maligne Canyon.

It’s a fairly easy hike. The trail is steep but not too difficult. There are places to stop and sit. Round trip, it takes about 2 hours.

Malign Canyon rock erosion while hiking

Other views from the trail are in the Jasper Journal photo gallery:

Tranquility in Jasper Waterfall on hiking trail

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1 comment to Photo: Limestone Erosion while Hiking Maligne Canyon

  • It doesn’t sound like it would be too easy to hike, but I guess I would have to try for myself to know for sure. I do think that eroded limestone is really neat. I love stuff like that.

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