10 Things to Do in Jasper Village

Some call it Jasper Townsite, others call it Jasper Village. Either way, there’s lots to do in the small community in the center of Jasper National Park.

While the point of visiting Jasper National Park is getting out and experiencing nature, the village has a lot to do between outings or in the evenings – and many of the hotels are in this area of the park.

1. Jasper Information Center – This is the place to get oriented. Ask the park staff about the best places to hike based on current trail conditions and your hiking level. There’s a ton of brochures and maps here for all of the park’s attractions.

Jasper townsite in Jasper National Park

2. Jasper Yellowhead Museum – Get a sense of the human history of Jasper National Park. This small museum is the only one in Jasper townsite. An assortment of displays show a pictorial history of the park as well as historical artifacts. To get the most out of it, spend some time reading the stories at each display. You’ll really come away with a better understanding of the park and its unique history.

Via Rail Canada train coming into town3. Rent a bike – Check out Freewheel Cycle on Patricia Street. Ride around Jasper and plan a ride on some of the bike trails connected to the townsite area.

4. Get some chow – Jasper townsite has a wide selection of dining. There are several independent restaurants as well as hotel restaurants. Choose from home-style dining to pizza to seafood.

5. Train Station – See an old train. Watch the occasional CN freight train or one of the tourist trains pass by. Browse inside the train station.

6. Shopping – Now is a good time to stock up on hiking snacks and water. The townsite has some clothing stores and specialty shops. The tourist shops seem to all be selling the exact same stuff though.

Jasper the Bear7. Ice cream – Who can resist a little ice cream while on vacation? Jasper has a few places to get ice cream.

8. Plan an adventure – Booking in advance is better, but if you’re in Jasper and have some time, stop into a few of the tour planning offices in town. There are many types of tour and adventure packages available including: canoe, white water rafting, wilderness nature tours, hiking, backpacking, helicopter tours, and trips to all the major sights in Jasper National Park.

9. Swimming – Yes, the Jasper Aquatic Centre has an indoor pool, whirlpool and wading pool. Many of the hotels have swimming too.

10. Take in the scenery – If you walk to any of the above, it’s hard not to notice the mountains surrounding the townsite.

Bonus: While walking around town, you may stumble upon Jasper the Bear. He stands near the Jasper Information Center and makes for a nice photo opportunity.

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