Did you know Jasper National Park is 100 years old?

That’s right. 2007 marks the centennial anniversary of Jasper National Park. 1907 is when the region was turned into a Canadian National Park.

Of course, Jasper’s history goes back beyond 1907, but it’s inclusion in the National Park system set into motion a series of actions that have preserved this place for all to see.

Grand Trunk Pacific Railway and Canadian Northern Railway made their tracks in the early 20th century but the land has been well preserved beyond that. Roads are limited and hotel development is highly restricted to the dismay of vendors who want more people. But less people keeps the bears and the mountain goats happy. Even the gray wolf can be seen to grin.

If Mother Nature were to build a new park, it would have aspects of Jasper National Park.

At right, Jasper National Park Centennial Celebration committee created a great logo to commemorate the event. The learn more about the Centennial Celebration and history of Jasper National Park, visit Jasper100.com.

If you are planning on visiting Jasper Nation Park this year, check the Jasper100.com activity calendar as events are occurring regularly throughout 2007.

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