Postcard: 1940s Jasper National Park - Part 1

A vintage Jasper National Park souvenir postcard folder that offers a glimpse into the park’s history is now a part of my collection. I couldn’t resist owning a piece of Jasper National Park history. The postcard folder contains 22 pictures that tell an important story about Jasper. Let’s look at it more to try to dissect some of the 101 year history of Jasper as a National Park.

The postcard folder was likely printed in the early 1940s, possibly the late 1930s. Since Jasper is only 100 years old, this postcard represents an early part of the park’s history when most of the park was still unexplored. This was a time before man-made attractions like the Jasper Tramway or the glacier Snowcoach rides.

On the outside of the postcard folder is a picture of one of Jasper’s famous mountains, Mt Edith Cavell, and a place to put a stamp. The title reads as “Canadian Rockies, Jasper Park on the Canadian National Railway”. The stamp box reads “Postage, one cent without message, printed matter”.

On the other side is an old Mt Robson, Elevation 13700, sign with bears on it, a sign that has been since replaced with a less cool one. Then there’s a “Greetings from…” spot to write the sender’s name – where I digitally added my name.

The postcard book opens up to reveal 20 more pictures and a description of Jasper National Park. I’ve photographed and scanned all aspects of the postcard and then did some color correction to bring out the colors. The result is a set of great vintage Jasper National Park pictures that will be added to Jasper Journal soon.

Stay tuned for Part 2 where I’ll look more at these pictures.

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