Secret Jasper Ice Boat Gets New Fame

I first heard of the Top Secret ice boat from a tour guide as I rode up the Jasper Tramway. He explained about how an aircraft carrier made of ice was being developed during World War II. The beautiful and innocent Patricia Lake was home to this experimental ice boat project.

It is hard to imagine:

A boat made of ice in the middle of a national park in the Canadian Rockies.

Patricia lake (by john1710)
The Jasper Booster (Jasper’s excellent town newspaper) reports of a new fame for the secret ice boat. Pictures of the ice boat will appear on 1,500 U-Haul trucks as a way to commemorate this unique part of 1940s Alberta, Canada history. Read the article online on here.

Jasper Booster also provides a more detailed history of the ice boat project here.

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