Treeline Restaurant Review: Jasper National Park’s Only Restaurant in the Sky

Jasper Park Treeline Restaurant DiningThe Treeline Restaurant provides a good, quick meal and a great view. The Treeline Restaurant is the only place to eat at the upper terminal of the Jasper Tramway. And being the only restaurant on the side of Whistler’s Mountain, or any Jasper National Park mountain for that matter, makes it one-of-a-kind.

The Treeline Restaurant sits 7,500 feet above sea level on the side of Whistler’s Mountain. The Jasper Tramway gondola is the easiest way to get to the restaurant. The only other way up the mountain is to hike, a two or three hour endeavor.
Jasper Tramway
The Treeline Restaurant’s large windows give patrons a great view of Jasper National Park and the surrounding Canadian Rockies. Looking down, you can see even Jasper townsite.

But enough about the view. Restaurants are for dining, right? The Treeline Restaurant is designed for the food needs of travelers. Instead of being a fancy restaurant, Treeline Restaurant is a self-service, cafeteria-style restaurant. The food is regionally themed but nothing fancy.

In the morning, the breakfast buffet serves eggs and bacon and basic breakfast foods. Remember though, the Jasper Tramway doesn’t open till 9AM during peak months and later during the off-season.

Jasper RockiesDuring lunch and dinner, sandwiches and burgers are the norm, but foods like caribou and salmon are known to come out during the more formal dinner-time.

While reviews by culinary connoisseurs will be less than favorable, the Treeline Restaurant scored points with weary travelers, especially mountain hikers, for being a place to get a good meal fast – as long as a table is free. Gear your expectations to this being a seasonally operated tourist restaurant with a great location.

My best advice is to avoid arriving at the Jasper Tramway hungry at lunch time expecting to get into the Treeline Restaurant quickly. Pack some energy bars. At peak hours, the Jasper Tramway will have a wait, maybe 15 minutes, maybe more. Then, since the seating in the main area of the Treeline Restaurant is limited to 50 at a time, there could be a wait to get into the restaurant. Though there may be a wait at peak lunch hours, I wouldn’t worry about it. And if it is too busy, eat an energy bar and take a hike to the peak of Whistler’s Mountain and then try the restaurant again on the way down.

Whistler's Mountain viewThe restaurant is a hidden Jasper National Park gem that few travelers plan into their itinerary. Amongst the choices for dining in Jasper National Park, it ranks high for its atmosphere.

The Jasper Tramway is still a great time even if the restaurant is skipped. The Jasper Tramway Experience (tramway and hike) is a must-do but the restaurant is likely to make good sense for most travelers who can be flexible about when they eat. If you are already paying for tickets to ride the Jasper Tramway, eating at the restaurant is a good way to get more out of the experience.

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