Jasper's strange no pushing and shoving law

Jasper National Park is different from most of the world’s national parks in that Jasper NP has a town within its borders – Jasper townsite.  Jasper townsite is a municipality of the Province of Alberta, Canada.  As such, the town has its own set of laws for the benefit of the community and its many visitors.

For the most part, the laws are common sense.  But not all of them.

Let’s look at Jasper Bylaw #068 6.1:

  • “No Pedestrian shall crowd or jostle other Pedestrians in such a manner as to create or cause discomfort, disturbance or confusion.”

The 5791 Canadian Pacific Train in Jasper

Translated:  No pushing and shoving to be done in ways the people near you would dislike.

Strange.  Why was this law created?  Was there an epidemic of pushing and shoving, of crazy jostlers jostling in every free moment, menacing the people of Jasper?

Was this pushing and shoving causing rampant discomfort and confusion amongst townsfolk?  Was an emergency town meeting called to put an end to the Jasper crowding and jostling crisis?

I can only guess.

Another Jasper law leads me to believe that keeping everyone walking and driving in an orderly manner has been a topic of great concern.  Maybe the jostling situation got out of hand and poured from the sidewalks into the streets.

  • “No person shall so conduct himself or otherwise position himself on a Roadway in such a manner as to obstruct vehicular or Pedestrian traffic or as to inconvenience any other Person upon the Roadway.

Translated:  No horseplay.  And if you are in the way of traffic, hustle it up a little and get out of the way.

All this talk of law is making me tired.  You?

Don’t even think about sleeping in your car on streets of Jasper because you forgot about Jasper Journal’s advice on booking hotels early.

  • “No Person shall park a Vehicle or a Trailer on a Roadway for the purpose of overnight accommodation.”
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