Where to Eat Pizza in Jasper National Park

The 3 main pizza places in Jasper townsite are Jasper Pizza Place, North Face Pizza and Lulu’s Pizza.

Jasper Pizza Place is on 402 Connaught Drive near the train station. We sat by the window and had a good view of the distant mountains, something that never seems to grow old.

This is the place to go for a good old-fashioned pizza. The topics pizza toppings are what you’d expect at a North American pizza joint. There’s pepperoni, mushroom, ham, veggies, etc. There’s even a ham & pineapple combo and a barbequed chicken combo. It’s a nice bite to eat, nothing spectacular, but not bad either.

The two other good pizza choices are North Face Pizza (618 Connaught Drive) and Lulu’s Pizzerea (610 Patricia St), both in the vicinity in Jasper townsite.

Both North Face Pizza and Lulu’s Pizza get high marks from others, though I have yet to try them. And at some point or another, someone was dissatisfied with all three. That’s the fun of eating out. You never know what you’re going to get.

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This map shows the pizza places and some of the other dining options in Jasper National Park’s main village.

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