Planning a Holiday to Jasper National Park

One of the best places to visit in Canada is Jasper National Park. Jasper is the largest of the national parks. It is located in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

The area offers spectacular scenic views, is home to many species of wildlife and has many kilometers of hiking trails. The park has much to offer and adults and children alike will find it to be a wonderful and interesting place to visit.

Downtown Jasper. (Photo by Lana_aka_BADGRL)
No matter what your fitness level is you can find many fun things to do outdoors. The area abounds with wildlife and opportunities to see them. You can take a scenic drive or try a more adventurous hike. There are many kilometers of scenic hiking trails. Visit the Athabasca waterfalls, which require only a short hike. Down below the river offers more adventure. Try taking a whitewater rafting trip or a river float trip. Take a scenic drive on Icefields Parkway to see the Columbia Icefield. You can actually go on the glacier with an ice buggy.

Glacier (Photo by midiman)

Maligne Lake is just a short drive away and while there you can take a boat cruise, rent a canoe or even go fishing. Mount Edith Cavell is another scenic drive. There you’ll find a path that leads to the bottom of Angel Glacier. No trip to Jasper is complete until you take a soak in the natural warmth of the Miette Hot Springs. The springs offer clear and soothing mineral water that is naturally warm from inside the earth to give you a truly natural and relaxing experience.
June 9, 2003 - Canada (Photo by dylanindustries)
Jasper National Park is home to many different species of wildlife. You’re bound to see many of them on even a short hike. You can even take a guided birdwatchers hike to see some bird species that you’ve probably never seen before. You can plan on taking any of the designated hikes through the park. Many are short enough to walk with children. The town of Jasper offers many eateries and pleasant shops.

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  • I think if there were any holiday homes i could hire out while i was over there then it would make jasper national park a great destination. I once stayed in a holiday home in Scotland and thought that was amasing. There wasn’t the slight pressure you had compared to when you stay in a hotel and i would love to have a similar experience in Jasper national park.

    Great post and photography!


  • Some people may find the holidays stressful because they may have family problems, but I love them. I always get along with both sides.

  • There are many places to visit in different areas of world. this national park is also one of them as well. In my point of view, we need only a day to visit this park.

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