Maligne Lake Tips and Practicalities

When driving to Maligne Lake, be sure to stop at Medicine Lake and take in the view. Medicine Lake is about 10 miles before Maligne Lake and there’s a small parking lot with a good vantage point.

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Parks Canada provides this advice about driving to Maligne Lake:

“Watch for elk, sheep, bears and moose along the road, especially at dawn and dusk. Trails for hikers, cyclists and horseback riders intersect the road. Adjust speeds accordingly. Weather at Maligne Lake can be more extreme than in Jasper townsite. Make sure you are well-prepared for cold and wet conditions.”

Alright, you made it to Maligne Lake. After you park in the parking lot, there are two buildings on the south shore. The first is a lodge type building and houses a tourist shop, a simple restaurant aptly named View Restaurant with a nice outdoor deck and the necessary bathrooms and of course a great view.

Inside the lodge is place to buy tickets for the boat tour. At the time of this writing, adult tickets were $41.00 Cdn. and children (6-12 yrs) $20.00 Cdn. – a little pricey buy money well spent.

The second building is the Maligne Lake Boat House. The boat house is the place to rent canoes and kayaks. They even rent canoes with trolling motors alongside rods and reels for fishing.

Especially in July and August, I’d recommend calling a day ahead of time to make a reservation. When I visited in July, the boats where all booked and there was a waiting list, so I missed out. The Maligne Lake boat house phone number is (780) 852-3370.

If you are staying in Jasper townsite without a car, there is a shuttle service to Maligne Lake available.

Watch: Canoe on Maligne Lake video (13 seconds)

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