Maps of Jasper National Park

Are you planning or thinking about a trip to Jasper National Park? This updated selection of online maps of Jasper National Park will help you get oriented fast.

Free Online Maps from Parks Canada and others

Browse through these Jasper National Park maps.

Printed Maps of Jasper National Park

Before visiting Jasper National Park, it is good to have maps in-hand. While it is may be hard to find printed maps at local bookstores, there is a map available on Also many of the books in the Jasper National Park Journal store have maps in them.

Free Jasper National Park Maps

Wondering how to get free printed maps of Jasper National Park? If you are a CAA or AAA member, check with your local office as they are known to be a good resource for driving maps.

Also, check out your local library. While they may not carry maps, they might have a Jasper National Park book on hand with maps in it. If not, ask about inter-library loan. You may also want to explore the atlases in the reference section of your library. You may find some great Jasper National Park maps that you can photocopy. Consider taking a digital photo of the atlas map and leaving it on your camera for the trip – as it is can be more convenient to look at a map on the camera than pulling out the printed map.

Upon arrival at the Edmonton or Calgary airports, take a look around for tourist brochures near the exist. Usually, there will be something with a map. If that doesn’t work, your car rental agency is likely to have a free map for at least Edmonton and Calgary if you ask.

On the way to Jasper from Edmonton, Calgary or British Columbia, look for free maps at hotels and rest areas. Once in Jasper or Banff, free maps will be readily available at information centers.

Jasper National Park Road Map by Google

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Jasper National Park Aerial Map by Google

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(Originally posted September 3, 2006. Updated and enhanced May 19, 2009.)

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