Relaxation at Miette Hot Springs

Miette Hot Springs is one of the top 10 Jasper National Park experiences. The combination of soothing mineral springs and stunning scenery provides the visitor with an unparalleled back-to-nature relaxation experience.

The springs are the best in the Canadian Rockies and without a doubt one of the best in North America especially after new upgrades to the facility in 2007.

“Water, taken in moderation, cannot hurt anybody.” – Mark Twain

Miette Hot Springs Relaxation

This area is 60 kilometers / 35 miles from the main Jasper townsite. Advance planning will ensure a full day of relaxation. Drive east on the Yellowhead Highway (Rt. 16) from Jasper. After 42 kilometers / 26 miles, follow the signs for the springs. The ride takes approximately 60 minutes from Jasper, more if you are stopping frequently for wildlife viewing or photography. Miette Road ends at the hot springs site. Ample parking is provided in front of the main building. This lot is also the starting point for a number of day hikes in the area. A day of hiking and hot springs will provide rewarding travel experiences.

Miette Hot Springs PoolsInside the main building, towel rentals are available for a small fee. This is well-worth doing to avoid traveling with a wet towel in your vehicle. Because the hot springs are at the outer edges of Jasper National Park, it makes an ideal first or last stop if you are using Edmonton as your airport base.

Be sure to pack a bathing suit and maybe even waterproof shoes. The Parks Canada staff will ask you to remove your street shoes upon entering the main building. This is to prevent animal droppings from contaminating the area. This is why a waterproof pair of shoes or flip-flops would be nice to have if you don’t want to walk with bare feet in the locker rooms.

The changing rooms are separated by gender–women to the left and men to the right. In each locker room coin lockers are provided to secure your belongings. Be sure to pin the key to your suit or towel. You’ll need to bring Canadian dollar coins with you for the lockers.

Miette Hot Springs Surrounded by MountainsAfter your shower (staff will gently remind you to shower to preserve the cleanliness of the facility), you enter the outdoor pool areas. There are 2 main hot pools and one cold pool. Around the pools, lounge chairs are provided for your comfort.

The source of the heated water is deep underground. The nearby Fiddle River is used to cool the pools. The water in the hot pools is controlled at a temperature of approximately 40 C /104 F in order for a safe and comfortable experience. The natural minerals in the water nourish and hydrate the skin. The cool pool is approximately 7 C / 45 F.

The full Miette Hot Springs experience is a long soak in the hot pools with a brief dip in the cold pool. The combination of hot and cold stimulates the pores of the skin for a luxurious experience. Follow this procedure a couple of times and you will feel the difference in your mood and energy level.

Miette Hot Springs CoupleThe distinct smell of the water is a direct result of its underground source. It is a light smell similar to the smell of a bottle of natural mineral water. Be open to the relaxation experience. The hot and cold pools are common to mineral spring experiences worldwide. Remember you are soaking (long time in the hot pool) and dipping (brief time in the cold pool). It is truly invigorating and relaxing. The effect lingers for the remainder of your day.

Miette Hot Spring in 2007 will be better than ever. According to Bearfacts (December 2006) published by Jasper Tourism and Commerce:

“After spending the 2006 season under renovation, Miette Hot Springs is set to unveil its great new look in 2007! The admissions area has expanded, with more space to accommodate tour groups, along with plenty of room for new interpretive exhibits planned for the fall of 2007.

On the pool deck, guests will notice two major improvements. Two new cool pools have replaced the existing cool pool. A larger deck offers an even better view of the spectacular mountain setting for guests soaking in one of the four pools or enjoying refreshments on the spacious poolside patio. Miette Hot Springs opens May 1, 2007.”

Updated: (March 2008)

  • “After spending a year and a half undergoing renovations, Miette Hot Springs is looking better than ever with a newly expanded lobby, two new cool pools and a new pool deck layout offering an enhanced view of the wonderful surrounding scenery. Visitors wishing to enjoy a meal or find a souvenir will find a bright, fresh café and gift shop space that is accessible from pool-side or garden entrance.” (Source: Miette Hot Springs website)
  • Some travelers have taken pictures of the updated facility.  See their pictures on Flickr here and here.

Updated: A return to Miette Hot Springs in 2010

We returned to Miette Hot Springs again 2 times in 2010.  It was still a great time soaking in the hot water – better than ever.  There are now 2 cold pools and 2 hot pools. We also had a light meal at the cafe after hiking the Sulphur Skyline Trail.

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11 comments to Relaxation at Miette Hot Springs

  • Vance

    I am in the 6th grade here in Michigan, (USA) and doing a report on Jasper National Park. I have been on your website which is very neat! Can you tell me anything special about the park that I can share with my class? I am doing my presentation February 4th.

    Thank you,
    Vance Hecimovich

  • Chris Bumstead

    hello this is in edmonton. please e-mail me back and provide full info about miette hotsprings for august 2008. i need hours, times, dates, and admission. also please tell me if we can tent camp near by the facility and how much per night. also is there stoves or fire pits for cooking and is there firewood available. also is there indoor toilets and showers. is it safe to tent camp and nature hike during the day with bears and other wildlife. i would appreciate a response on these questions and anything else that may be helpful including how long it takes to drive to miette hotsprings from edmonton.

  • shabira

    We are thinking oif doind the day hike in/near Miette. Is it well marked? do we need a map? if so, is there a site that would provide one?
    Thanks a lot

  • We were thinking the same thing, a friend of mine went near Miette and was telling us all about how amazing the hike was. It certainly is a beautiful park! I saw the renovations, my friend sent back pictures, is there a site with more pictures of this place? Thank you for your time and quick reply :)


  • Went to Miette in ’06. Magical place!

  • Thanks for the book heads up. I’ve wanted to hike Jasper and now I can plan my attack. Do you have a preview of the full day hike. I’m always looking for challenging routes.

  • chocolates

    It certainly is a beautiful park! I saw the renovations, my friend sent back pictures, is there a site with more pictures of this place? Thank you for your time and quick reply

  • Jason Tresh

    Very easy to get there and extremely comfortable facilities. They’ve improved a lot in the last 3 years. I consider it one of top 5 destinations in North America for green tourism.
    Jason Tresh

  • Yes, the upgrades have been a big improvement coupled with the beautiful scenery make it my wife’s favorite place to get away to in the area.

  • Are there bears or wolves in the area? I wouldn’t want my children there if it is dangerous.

  • I love Jasper it has been a long time since I’ve been there since I’m now living in California. This article brings back memories and I should visit again soon.

    My Tribute to the best Beatles Song Ever Here comes the sun