Riding the VIA Rail Train to Jasper National Park

What can you expect when taking a VIA Rail train to Jasper National Park? Lots.

VIA Rail Canada trains are geared towards cross-country travelers and the trains have all sorts of conveniences making for a very relaxing way to see the countryside and get to Jasper National Park.

This video from VIA Rail provides an excellent glimpse of the VIA Rail experience in action.

This 2nd video shows a VIA Rail passenger trail as it pulls into the Jasper train station.

VIA Rail routes

VIA Rail routes can include a variety of destinations.   See the VIA Rail website for exact details, availability and pricing.  Here’s a brief overview of VIA Rail’s offerings that include a stop in Jasper National Park.

The Canadian – Vancouver to Toronto

VIA Rail calls the Canadian “the ultimate Canada train trip between Toronto, Jasper and Vancouver!” It is world-renowned.  Imagine going from the big city of Toronto on Lake Ontario in eastern Canada all the way to multicultural Vancouver on the west coast of Canada with stops at Jasper National Park and others along the way.  Besides Jasper, there are stops in Sudbury Junction, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton, and Kamloops. Now that is the ultimate cross-country train adventure.

Dome Car, The Canadian

Via Rail "The Canadian" Dining Car

The Skeena – Prince Rupert to Jasper National Park

Take the Jasper-Prince Rupert train (the Skeena) for a 2 day journey from Prince Rupert in British Columbia to Jasper in Alberta, Canada.

"The Skeena" VIA 6411

Skeena Train

The observation deck on the VIA Rail trains provides a one-of-a-kind way to view the Canadian Rockies.

VIA Rail Dome Car

On the Skeena Train

The Snow Train

During winter, VIA Rail offers Edmonton-Jasper and Toronto-Jasper-Vancouver routes on the Snow Train.  Learn more on VIA Rail’s website here.

What to do in Jasper National Park upon arrival?

What does one do once arriving at the Jasper National Park train station?  See the Jasper National Park Train Station Guide.

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3 comments to Riding the VIA Rail Train to Jasper National Park

  • I took the Canadian from Vancouver to Edmonton in Oct/Nov 2012 – If you’re on a tighter budget but still want to experience the Rockies by train, I’d highly recommend this train route. During summer prices are higher but I’d imagine the views are even more spectacular. Although I found the romance of the snow covered tracks very appealing and definitely worth an off season trek across these amazing mountains. I did a review of the service on my blog http://www.carlousmoochous.com/2012/all-aboard-the-via-canadian/ if you want to check it out.

    Loved your pics and videos – Train travel is a great way to see Canada!

  • @Carl Good tip about riding on the VIA Rail Canadian during winter to save money and get a unique travel experience. Glad you had a great trip and got to meet Jasper the bear in Jasper National Park.

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