5 Reasons to Keep Your Own Jasper Park Travel Journal

Leave the laptop at home and instead pack a brand new travel journal for your trip to Jasper National Park.

The journal doesn’t have to be anything fancy. In fact, it can be quite ordinary. You just want it to be a convenient place to journal your way through the park.

If you have never thought to bring a travel journal along with you on vacation, here are 5 ways to make it work for you:

Fifteen accounts of life, death, and everything that interferes. (Photo by The Indie Owl)

Make your own Jasper National Park travel journal

1. Record memories up front and personal – Travelers for centuries have recorded their impressions of the places they visited in diaries and journals. The 3000 feet ride on the Jasper Tramway to the upper terminal on Whistler’s Mountain offers an inspirational opportunity to record your first impressions of the Canadian Rockies from this perspective. If fishing is more your thing, why not record the kind of fish you caught after a day at Maligne Lake? Or maybe you want to remember the hiking trail you liked best. You don’t have to bring your travel journal where-ever you go. Just remember to jot down some notes at the end of the day.

2. Where did you go and who did you meet? – People. People. Maybe you want to remember the Jasper Tramway guide who shared tales of Whistler’s Mountain with the jam-packed visitors in the gondola or the couple you sat near on the snow coach at Athabasca Glacier. Your travel journal is the perfect place to record amusing anecdotes about the people you meet. You might also want to write down names and addresses of some people you might want to stay in touch with.

3. It is All About Food – “What was the name of that pizza place we liked so much at Jasper National Park?” What a shame you can’t remember the name of that great place! Telling those stories to your friends and family about your vacation can be much more interesting if you can tell them all about Lulu’s Pizza rather than “that place”.

4. The Bottom-line – Do you really want to know how much your vacation cost? Maybe. If you like to travel but have to budget like most of us for your trips, then tracking food, attractions, and lodging costs make sense. You can make your travel journal anything you want. It can be all about the practical or it could be about the memories you created along the way. Either way or both ways, the travel journal has a place on your trip.

5. Notes on Photos – In just one day you took 200 photos with your digital camera of wildlife in the park. You saw elk and mountain goats, coyotes and caribou. About 68 species of mammals inhabit the park. Your photos are sure to astound everyone back home but are you going to remember everything you want to tell them? Why not make some notes about the places and situations you saw these animals? Your photos become more valuable to you when you can exactly name the subject of your photo.

Your travel journal can become a treasure you pass down to your grandchildren, the food for a blog like this (or your personal “world travel” blog), or just a nice way to enhance the experience of traveling to a new place. So how about it?

Bonus Tip: Tell the world your Jasper National Park experience right here on JasperJournal.com. Use the contact form to submit your experience and we’ll do our best to share your experience in an upcoming post.

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