Are you ready to take great landscape photos during your Canadian Rockies vacation?

The Canadian Rockies.

Home of great landscapes.

Are you ready?

One of the best things about taking photos in the Canadian Rockies is that you don’t have to have a fancy camera or be an expert photographer to return home with several frame-worthy photographs.

But if you like taking photos, learning more about photography could make a big difference in your end result.

View from the Maligne lodgeWhether you’re using a point-and-shoot digital camera or an SLR, knowing how to use your camera can mean much better Canadian Rockies vacation photos.

On my next trip to the Canadian Rockies, my goal is to spend part of the time taking pictures, so watching YouTube videos about photography has been a hobby lately.

Here’s some good videos about photography that apply to outdoor and landscape photography.

To start with, here’s Rick Sammon’s top 10 digital photography tips – really good photography tips you can use throughout the Canadian Rockies, regardless of your skill level.

YouTube Preview Image

In this next video, Tracey Clark provides some great tips on outdoor photography – good stuff to know while taking pictures of the spectacular mountains of the Rockies.

YouTube Preview Image

In this video, Michael talks about some of the nuts and bolts of taking landscape photos and provides some tips that may make a difference between a crystal clear photo and a blurry one.

YouTube Preview Image

Don’t forget to bring your camera while hiking.  Marc Silber, while in Yosemite, provides tips about hiking and photography useful wherever you hike.

YouTube Preview Image

And if you’re visiting in winter or maybe taking photos of the glaciers in the summer, these somewhat advanced tips from Gavin Hoey about photography in the snow should be useful.

YouTube Preview Image
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3 comments to Are you ready to take great landscape photos during your Canadian Rockies vacation?

  • Sarah

    Thank you so much for posting this! I am working on my photography and these kind of tips really help. If you aren’t familiar with Peter Lik check him out, he provides some serious inspiration:

  • I found your site looking for info on Yosemite. I just started a site with lots of videos on the park. I am not into photography like you but spend a lot of time in nature and appreciate the beauty. I do have some outdoor photography links on my site if your interested. I liked you pictures of the Black Bear Having a Bad Hair Day :)
    Enjoy your day and good luck on your next photo adventure.

  • Wow! Thanks for the tips. This is very useful to all photographers whether an amateur or newbie.Taking landscape photo has indeed different styles that every photographer should learn. I get more excited to visit Canadian Rocks and take photos too.

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