7 Lovely Photos of Mt Edith Cavell in Jasper National Park

The best way to see Mt Edith Cavell in Jasper National Park is to hike on the nearby trails, be it the Cavell Meadows Trail or the Path of the Glacier Loop.

The resulting experience is splendid with many lovely views like these. Like any pictures of Jasper National Park, the camera can only tease you.

The real-life experience is so much better. A wonderful feeling exists when you are amongst Mt Edith Cavell and the many mountains of the Canadian Rockies.


Angel Glacier and Meadows

Mt Edith Cavell, Cavell Glacier 03

Mount Edith Cavell (Photo by jodastephen)

8/21 - Mt. Edith Cavell - Great view of the icebergs in the lake

06088 Mount Edith Cavell Area

Mount Edith Cavell area, Jasper National Park

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2 comments to 7 Lovely Photos of Mt Edith Cavell in Jasper National Park

  • mel

    wow .. it is so stunning i mean these pictures are just great !! i have never been in such a place actually o would like to go one , here in peru (my city ) we have lots of attarctive spots and landmarks even for target people but you know what this is really like a dream it seems i finally discovered where the paradaise is !!

  • I was so amazed in Mt Edith Cavell. One day will not be enough to explore and hike this paradise and it certainly requires to get camped there. I certainly found my next target location for next year’s summer.

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