Jasper in Winter: Maligne Canyon Ice Walk

Jasper in the winter is a magical place covered in snow and ice.  Few tourists are visiting and the bears are hibernating.  And the winter outdoor enthusiasts are engaged in Jasper adventures.

The Maligne Canyon Ice Walk is one such winter adventure.  Offered by the Jasper Adventure Centre, the ice walk is a 3 hour, 4 kilometer hike through the Maligne Canyon.  The frozen top layers of the Maligne River provide part of the path for this truly “off the beaten path” winter Jasper hike.  You’ll be walking inside the canyon on an ice path, an ice path waiting to transform back into the raging Maligne River come spring.  You’ll see amazing frozen waterfalls from the bottom of the canyon.

Maligne Canyon ice walk in Jasper National Park Canada

This video produced by Travel Alberta features an interview with Murray Morgan, the owner of Jasper Adventure Centre, and one of the Maligne Canyon Ice Walk guides. A really great video, the video provides a lot of details of the Malign Canyon during winter.

YouTube Preview Image

The Jasper Adventure Centre website for more information on the Maligne Canyon Ice Walk.

Want to know what Jasper Adventure Centre guides do for fun in the cold winter months of Jasper National Park?  They explore the Maligne Canyon even more, rappelling off the cliffs and into the ice filled canyons, walking amongst the Maligne River’s frozen ice waterfalls.  Read a story about it here on their blog.

If Jasper in winter is not your things, take a look at the Maligne Canyon in summer with these Maligne Canyon pictures. A big difference!

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2 comments to Jasper in Winter: Maligne Canyon Ice Walk

  • Jordan

    Hi i was just wondering if the maligne canyon lice walks run during early january in 2012. Also i was wondering how is the best way to get to jasper national park? I am currently living near banff and so i was wondering if driving or bus is the best way. Thanks

  • Yes, open till April or until the ice melts. January is good. Be sure to make a reservation in advance and to verify current conditions just in case.

    I like to drive but in the winter, a bus sounds enticing and more relaxing. It may cost a little more for a bus but it works out because the hotels cost a lot less than summer peak rates.

    From Banff to Jasper in January, the downside of driving is the limited daylight hours and the weather. If you have a flexible schedule though, you can adjust to the weather. If the weather is bad, Icefield Parkway could temporarily close. Right now, Highway 93 (Icefield Parkway) is listed as poor driving conditions. http://www.ama.ab.ca/road-reports/routes

    Depending on where you are and how much time you have, another option may be to drive to Edmonton. Then, the drive from Edmonton into Jasper is much easier and flatter, though not very scenic from Edmonton to Hinton. There are also buses from Edmonton airport and West Edmonton Mall to Jasper.

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