THE Spectacular Rainbows of Jasper National Park

What do you do when it’s rainy out and you want to see something spectacular in Jasper National Park? Look for rainbows.

Seeing one in person will take your Jasper National Park experience to the next level.

Let’s look at some photos from fellow Jasper National Park travelers who rejoiced at some extra-spectacular scenery.

Here a full rainbow appears alongside Connaught Drive, the main road in the Jasper village area of the park.


“So which end is the pot of gold?”

In this crafty photo, a rainbow appears to come out of the 6015 locomotive parked next to the Jasper Train Station.


A spectacular double rainbow scene highlights the Jasper Train Station.


Catch the lighting just right and see something like this at Athabasca Falls, one of the popular attractions on Jasper National Park’s Icefield Parkway.

351. Rainbow over Athabasca Falls, Jasper National Park, AB

This video shows the Athabasca waterfall in action.

Wouldn’t you like to be sitting in one of these chairs watching this spectacular scene right now?  This looks to be along the Athabasca River, one of the best places in the Canadian Rockies to go rafting.

Jasper Nat'l Park, Canada July 6 '08 540

This Jasper National Park traveler is having fun with the scenery.

A rainbow over Jasper in the town of Jasper!

Sometimes seeing just part of a rainbow is still very cool. This one hovers above the Athabasca River.  Look close.  You can see the blanket of mist that the sunlight uses to reflect colorful light for delighted observers.


Jasper’s southern neighbor, Banff National Park, is also home to many of these amazing Canadian Rockies scenes. If you go to Banff as part of your trip (recommended if you have time), then keep a look-out for amazing scenes like this:

Rainbow over Canmore (Photo by beyond20khz)

Rainbows occur when sunlight is reflected by mist or rain.  As you can observe from the photos, some of the best places to see rainbows are along the Athabasca River, at lakes and at Jasper village.  These are places that have the right combination of conditions as well as being popular places to visit within Jasper.  Also look for them in any Jasper waterfall, such as the ones that occur in the Maligne Canyon.

Happy sightseeing!

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