Water and Serenity throughout Jasper National Park

Rivers, rapids and waterfalls are among the serene sites while hiking through the trails in Jasper National Park. There are spruce trees, fir trees, larches, pines and aspen trees scattered through Jasper. Some of the spruces and firs are hundreds of years old.

There are an assortment of trails, from easy 2 mile walks great for the casual tourist to challenging expert-level, multi-day hikes for serious hikers.

The Maligne Canyon hike is a good, casual day-hike with great Maligne River scenery.

Maligne River bend

The Miette Hot Springs area also has a few hikes including the Fiddle River Trail where springs can be observed. When finished with the hike, go for a dip in the Miette Hot Springs pools.

Jasper Information Center trail conditions boardAt the Jasper Information Center, park guides tell tourists about the best hikes based on visitor needs. Current trail conditions can be read on the trail board. Note that some trails do not allow dogs.

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