5 Amusing Photos of Mountain Goats

Travelers and photographers alike have snapped some great photos of mountain goats in various North America habitats.   Mountain goats are amongst the animals everyone who visits Jasper National Park wants to see.

These are 5 of the most amusing photos of mountain goat kids you’ll see on photo sharing website Flickr.

Baby Mountain Goat (Photo by Mike Willis)
“Don’t be scared.  We’re just going rock climbing.”

Waiting for Papa (Photo by Space Cowboy)
“Dad, can I be an ice skater when I grow up?”

Mother and 3 Baby Mountain Goats (Photo by Rob Lee)
“Kids, behave for the photographer.”

IMG_6862 (Photo by richardrichard)
“I bet I can stand on the rock the longest.”

One Baby makes a Leap (Photo by Rob Lee)
“Let’s all be kings of the mountain.”

Learn more about mountain goats and where to find the mountain goats in Jasper National Park.

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