Baaaaaaa! Bighorn Sheep Everywhere!

Spotted on Flickr, this has to be amongst the coolest photos I’ve seen of a group of bighorn sheep along the road in Jasper National Park.

The spectacle of the animals is almost dwarfed by the stunning river and Canadian Rockies landscape in the background. There are not many places in the world to have this type of experience.

With Jasper becoming a Canadian National Park in 1907, there’s a strong probability that this view will be preserved.

Photo by laszlo-photo

See a larger version of the picture here on Flickr.

The picture captures a piece of the experience of being in Jasper National Park. The experience is completed by being there with the smell, the sounds and the scale of the place. That’s why I recommend visiting.

The air is crisp, clean, cool mountain air. Breezes come through carrying the smells of nature, the trees and water.

The sounds come from the occasional passing cars and the ohs and ahs of people nearby gawking at the same sites. Sometimes even animal noises can be heard. Baaaaa!! Baaaaa!!

The mountains seem to be everywhere with no end in sight. The scale of the Canadian Rockies inside Jasper National Park makes travelers feel like ants and puts human existence into perspective.

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