Jasper National Park’s Bear Sightings Revealed

Parks Canada has recently started publishing a weekly bear activity report online. This is a nice way to get a sense about where the bears are.

The latest report is for June 04, 2008 to June 10, 2008 reveals that most of the reported sightings for black bears have been on Highway 93 – then again, Highway 93 has a lot more traffic than the side roads. There were only a handful of grizzly sightings.

The report breaks down sightings into 4 categories:

  • Single Black Bears
  • Black Bear Females with Cubs
  • Single Grizzly Bears
  • Grizzly Bear Females with Cubs

If pairs of mating bears are together, the report indicated this as well.

View the weekly report.

If you see a bear while in the park, you can help improve the list by reporting your sighting to the Jasper Park Warden’s Office at (780) 852-6155.

For your safety and for the safety of others, Parcs Canada makes the following request: “If you see or find a carcass, stay clear, inform other users in the area and report the location immediately to the Jasper Resource Conservation Office (780) 852-6155.”

Remember, bears can be found anywhere throughout the park at any time and bears move about quickly. The report only represents reported sightings not the actual locations of all bears.

What do you do if you see a bear? Being prepared is your best defense. Hundreds of people hike and bike every day in Jasper National Park and do so without any problems with bears. Learn more about avoiding bear attacks in Jasper National Park.

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