Black Bears Waking Up Soon

As the weather starts to warm up, the black bears will be waking up, groggily coming out of hibernation throughout Jasper National Park.

  • According to an article on PBS, there are 600,000 black bears on the North America continent.

When the black bear hibernates over winter, it goes into a deep sleep. The black bear’s metabolism and heartbeat slows down as it burns fat reserves for food. It only will wake up if there’s a significant change in the environment, such as loud noise.

As the hibernation period ends, black bears awake hungry. Visitors to Jasper National Park will soon see black bears out and about, foraging for food. They will be among the 600,000 hungry bears on the North America continent. Seeing just one is spectacular – as long as the black bear is not near your tent while camping in Jasper National Park!

This bear was seen last summer by a traveler in Banff National Park, the park connected on the southern border of Jasper National Park.
Mmmmmmm...Berries! (Photo by species_snob)

That’s the Jasper National Park bear truth.

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