Getting the most out of Jasper National Park photos

Looking to make the most out of travel photos?  Want to do something a little different from the norm?

Whether taking pictures in Jasper National Park or elsewhere, modern technology has made it easier to enjoy travel photos in many new ways.

One way is to try to turn the digital camera photo into something entirely different.  Try editing the digital photos with a photo editor like Photoshop Elements – or practically any other photo editing tool.  Try getting creative with Photoshop’s image filters/effects until the photo is transformed into an original piece of digital Jasper National Park art.

Another way to make the most of travel photos is to think beyond traditional printed photos.  Instead of a 5×7 or 8×10 photo on your wall, get your unique art pieces printed onto a coffee mug, t-shirt or even a mouse pad.  Digital photo printing websites like Snapfish and Shutterfly offer all kinds of ways to print travel photos and ways.

In the case of the pictures in this post, the first and third are of mountain goats and the second is a mountie in the Canadian Rockies.  These pictures are based upon photos of old Jasper National Park postcards.  Images filters and other creative techniques were used in Photoshop to create unique digital art pieces.

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