Maligne Canyon Ice Walk on your Top Things to Do Before You Die List

Melanie Haiken wrote a really nice article about doing the Maligne Canyon Ice Walk, one of the unique winter activities in Jasper National Park.

The article, entitled “Add This to the ‘Before You Die’ List: The Maligne Canyon Ice Walk” provides a synopsis of the experience of walking on a frozen river within a canyon and amongst frozen waterfalls.  But is it really worthy of a “Before you die” list?

Melanie argues that there’s no place like this in North America.   She goes on to say:

“It’s as if nature put on an ice carving show deep in a canyon with nothing but the foxes, elk and bighorn sheep to witness it. There are waterfalls of ice 30 feet high, icicles taller than I am, and caves walled by solid ice that drips bit by bit from rock overhangs.”

Seems like reason enough to me to add it to the list!  In fact, the Maligne Canyon Ice Walk is one of the winter activities on the Ultimate List of Jasper National Park Activities.

If you’re looking for something to do in the winter in the Canadian Rockies, a guided ice walk tour should be on your list.  Check out Melanie’s full article here – along with several photos of her ice walk experience.

After reading Melanie’s article, come back to to learn more about the Maligne Canyon Ice Walk and other Jasper National Park outdoor activities.

One of the added bonuses of visiting the park in the winter is the low price of hotels in Jasper National Park during the off-season and the opportunity to go skiing or snowboarding at Marmot Basin as part of your visit.

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