5 ways to stay in Jasper National Park for less than $100 a night during summer season

Getting below $100 a night for a place to stay within Jasper National Park is today’s challenge.

Can it be done?


First off, traditional hotels in Jasper National Park during the peak summer months are pretty much impossible to get below $100 a night.  It is a supply and demand thing.  The hotels tend to start at $150 a night and there’s a wider range to chose from in the $200 range.

If you want to save some money and stretch your travel budget, here are some ways to stay in Jasper for far less than the price of a hotel.

1. Hostels in Jasper National Park

Jasper hostels are rugged and a true back to nature type of experience.  A night in a Jasper National Park hostel typically involves sleeping on a bunk bed with strangers.  Bathrooms – yes.  Showers – maybe.

But the price is right.  A couple could stay at a hostel for well under $100 a night.

A fun adventure if you’re up to it.

2. Tent Site Car-Camping in Jasper National Park

Bring a ten and camp at one of the Jasper National Park campgrounds.  Renting a campsite is in the $10 to $40 a night range.

Sure, the guy in a nearby tent may be snoring loudly.  But you also are really close to nature.  Many a happy camper has seen some sort of wildlife within the campgrounds, such as the experience of elk walking through your campsite.
Alberta - Skyline Trail, jasper National Park
3. Backcountry camping in Jasper National Park

If you’re into backcountry camping, Jasper National Park should be on your list.

The reward for those bold enough to camp in the wilds of the Canadian Rockies are spectacular sites that most of the visitors to the park miss out on.  The risk factor is the potential for rainy weather.

Backcountry camping permits are dirt cheap…around$10.

While it may not be the most comfortable night’s rest, the solitude and splendor may be worth it – so long as the bears stay away!

4. Jasper Private Home Accommodations

If you require a good bed to sleep in, consider Jasper Private Home Accommodations.

As part of legislation to prevent over development of the park, residents of Jasper townsite must work within the park – no vacation homes. So, a lot of homeowners make rooms available for a little side income.

Jasper townsite in the center of Jasper National Park is the residential area where residents rent out rooms in their homes.

The price ranges vary depending on the amenities but it is possible to get a room for under $100 a night.  A place with a shared bathroom is less than a private bathroom.  The same goes for a shared entrance versus a private entrance and small bed versus big bed.

5. Stay next door in a hotel in Hinton, Alberta

I recently wrote about staying in nearby Hinton, Alberta for a few nights to save some money.  While it is not truly within Jasper National Park, it is a short drive to the eastern entrance to the park.

Hotels for $100 a night can be had if you look hard enough in Hinton.  While Hinton adds to the amount of daily driving, it may make sense. Get the details: Jasper National Park Hotel Alternative: 3 Hinton Hotels for $100 a night or less in summer.

Hope that helps in your quest to find a way to have an affordable Canadian Rockies vacation!

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