Fairmont Jasper Park Lodges prices back in the day

If you’ve looked at the prices for staying at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, you know this is an exclusive resort hotel.

Since its early days in the 1920s, the lodge has catered to an upper-class demographic.

So it goes.

A page from a 1948 Jasper National Park brochure (which I’ve referred to previously here) has a page showing the rates for Jasper Park Lodge back in the day.

Jasper Park Lodge single and double rooms for $10, $20 and under $30 a day. Imagine that.

Canadian National's Jasper National Park 1948 brochure cover

Canadian National's Jasper National Park 1948 brochure cover

Take a look at this interactive picture of the prices for Jasper Park Lodge in 1948.  You can zoom up and move around.  You’ll notice the rooms included the “American Plan” back then (meaning that the meals were included, full board).

Even back in 1948, some of the fancier cabins seemed quite exclusively priced. Various sources say that back in 1948, the average new car cost between $1,000 and $1,500, and gasoline was 20 cents per gallon range.

Don’t get me wrong, it is a nice facility once you add-in the location, the lake (Lac Beauvert), the heated swimming pool, next-door golf course and such.  But it is out of most people’s price range.

For us mortals, there are plenty of hotels in Jasper National Park to chose from.  For those who prefer a real outdoor experience, Jasper has lots of camping and RVing options too.

And if you cannot stay at Jasper Park Lodge, at least think about having a meal there.  The lodge has several dining options, from quick and easy to fancy and sophisticated.

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