Arthur Frommer recommends Canadian Rockies

In an article on the San Francisco Chronicle (here), travel guru Arthur Frommer writes about visiting Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies, praising Banff sites for being the “undisputed champions of soaring limestone scenery”.

From what I gather of his itinerary, Frommer didn’t get to Jasper, but I’m sure he would have enjoyed it as much as Banff.   Though Jasper and Banff border each other, both places have unique characteristics and histories.

Frommer knows a lot about travel.   Knowing that Arthur Frommer has traveled all over the world and has spent over 50 years writing about it, his statement about Banff’s Lake Louise has a lot of credentials behind it:  “It would be hard to cite a single scene in all the world comparable to Lake Louise.”

True, Lake Louise is amazing.  I think Maligne Lake in Jasper is another of the world’s unique scenes.

Lake Louise (Photo by sarboo)

Lake Louise, Banff, Canadian Rockies

Spirit Island (Photo by raindog)

Maligne Lake, Jasper, Canadian Rockies

I was fortunate to see Arthur Frommer and daughter Pauline Frommer in person earlier this year at the New York Times Travel Show 2008 travel exposition in New York City.  He provided more travel tips during a presentation about budget travel.

I’ll share one tip he provided that seems to especially relate to visiting Jasper National Park and the Canadian Rockies.  Frommer’s tip: “Travel brings to you only what you bring to it.”   He goes on to encourage travelers to read up on a destination to better understand about how the place came to be.

I agree.  Imagine visiting Jasper National Park without reading up on it.  It would seem a spectacular park, yes, but reading about it ahead of time would provide a better appreciation of the park and make the Canadian Rockies experience more enjoyable.

To learn more about Jasper National Park ahead of time, explore this website.  Jasper Journal helps travelers gain that understanding through several articles about Jasper National Park history.  Be sure to browse these articles prior to visiting Jasper and the Canadian Rockies.

Once in Jasper and exploring the townsite area, stop by the Jasper Yellowhead Museum to browse through the 1100 square foot permanent collection as well as special showcase collections. It doesn’t take long to peruse the museum and see its unique collection – including the ice pick used for the first ascention of Mount Alberta in 1925 and other artifacts.

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