Day trip from Edmonton to Jasper National Park

Visiting Edmonton and thinking about a day trip?  Jasper National Park is a long 3+ hour drive but doable (and worth it!).

Coming into Jasper National Park on Highway 16 through the eastern entrance, you’ll have time for several fun activities.

The first stop could be for a soak at Miette Hot Springs, 51 km west of Hinton, Alberta.

Consider some hiking too.  The eastern side of the park has several hiking trails good for day hikes.  Even a short 30 minute walk might be nice after all of the driving.

Driving to Jasper from EdmontonEdmonton and Jasper SignJasper left, Edmonton right

On the way from Edmonton to Jasper, you may want to stop at Hinton to pick up some food for a picnic lunch.

After a stop in Jasper townsite, consider a quick drive up to Pyramid Lake and Patricia Lake or to nearby Lac Beauvert and the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge.  Plan to have an early dinner in Jasper townsite before heading back to Edmonton.

Another option is to skip most of the above and instead spend the day on Maligne Road doing the Maligne Canyon Hike and enjoying Maligne Lake activities (like the boat ride or renting a canoe).

Whatever your itinerary, keep a look out for wildlife the whole time.  You never know when you’ll spot elk, caribou, deer, bighorn sheep, mountain goats or a black bear.  You have a good chance to spot at least one kind of animal (other than humans) during a day trip from Edmonton to Jasper National Park.

A Bighorn Sheep in the Canadian RockiesA Deer in the WoodsAn elk by the road

This is a trip that can be done anytime of year.  A nice post about a wintertime day trip from Edmonton to Jasper here from J on her East of Enid Avenue blog should be plenty of motivation.  J’s pictures show an almost unreal world, a true winter wonderland.

Some tips:

  • Get up extra early
  • Drink lots of coffee
  • Take turns driving if you have multiple drivers so everyone can enjoy the scenery
  • Relax

Have a great day trip to Jasper National Park!

By the way, instead of a day trip from Edmonton, another option is to do all of the above but spend the night in a hotel in Hinton, Alberta.  Hinton is close to the eastern entrance and staying there will allow for 2 days of activities.

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