Greetings from Alberta: Visual Definition of a Canadian Province

This “Greetings from Alberta” postcard purchased new in 1987 offers insights into the significant themes of Alberta, Canada. Meant to be a fun postcard for Alberta travelers to send back to the folks at home, the postcard visually depicts the animals of Alberta, outdoor activities, major attractions and meaningful symbols. It tries to define the Province of Alberta.

Take a closer look. Put your mouse pointer over the postcard to zoom up on the detail.

Amongst the attractions is the Jasper Tramway and a golfer that appears near the area of the famous Jasper Park Lodge golf course. Jasper National Park is an important part in Alberta.

If you look close in the postcard, farms and farming equipment are pictured in various ways, representing farming’s importance to the people of Alberta. Several animals appear on the postcard: a moose, quail, elk, fish, a buffalo, horses and even a dinosaur (representing Dinosaur Provincial Park in Drumheller, Alberta).

That’s Alberta.

An ice skater skates.

Fishermen fish.

Campers camp.

A Skier skis.

That’s Alberta.

What the animal is on the right middle of the postcard? The animal is hugging a tree. A tree hugging bear?

That’s Alberta.

At the bottom left of the postcard is the Alberta flag symbol. The red/white cross at the top of the Alberta flag symbol is St George’s Cross (patron saint of England). Below that the Alberta landscape is represented by blue sky, mountains, green hills, river and prairies and finally, wheat covered plains.

That’s Alberta.

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