Keep Your Underwear in the Suitcase - Picking the Right Travel Luggage for Flying to Alberta, Canada

Did you ever have that nightmare where your suitcase comes open in the airport? You know, the one where your packed underwear falls out of the suitcase and onto the floor while everyone standing around you laughs? Or maybe your suitcase flings open as its loaded onto the airplane, clothes spilling out onto the runway?

I have the nightmare a lot lately. My suitcase is about 8 years old. Part of the zipper looks like it is falling apart after years of rough handling.

You may be in your airplane on the way to Jasper National Park and look out on the runway at underwear blowing in the wind. If you see a pair of boxer shorts with black bear pictures on it, those are mine.


Question: How do you prevent losing your underwear when flying to Jasper, Alberta, Canada?

Answer: Shop around for the right luggage.

I’ve been to the Walmart’s, the Sears and the JC Penney’s and then to the fancier, upscale department stores like Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Lord and Taylor’s or similar looking for luggage. Walmart, to be fair, is not known for its quality. I prefer avoiding a cheap suitcase because of my nightmare – the zipper breaking and my underwear all over the floor in the airport.

Macy’s? Macy’s has nice luggage. But, if I spend $200, $300 or more on a designer suitcase at Macy’s, I won’t have money left over for that plane ticket to Edmonton or Calgary airport! Thanks, but no thanks.

I need to buy luggage from a store with selection. I want to buy an individual suitcase that meets my specific needs. And I’m sick of driving around store to store.

What’s the best place for luggage? None of the above.

I prefer to shop online at a luggage specialty store with a huge inventory and good prices. fits the bill.

I’ve personally used eBags a few times in years past. I bought 2 backpacks. One is a smaller daypack for hiking and the other is a super-duper laptop computer backpack that I use daily. Both were names brands. The prices were the lowest – or at least the lowest I could find from a seller with a reputation. eBags has free shipping offers too.

Instead of a carry-on suitcase, I like to carry-on a large backpack. I’ll use the backpack while hiking in Jasper or bringing a picnic lunch to the Goats and Glaciers lookout point on the Icefield Parkway in Jasper.

eBags provides lots of product photos. This is handy. knowing what the inside of a backpack looks like is important. Most websites fail to take enough pictures. eBags shows you what you’re getting. You end up with the features you need – not something you’ll regret and return.

But I still need a new suitcase.

In their rolling luggage category, eBags currently lists 327 items – more than any department store, it seems. Almost half of those eBags suitcases are under $100 (USD).

The choices can be further refined by filtering by trip duration. 3 day trips show smaller suitcases and 7 day trips show big suitcases. Cool.

  • Tip: Because Jasper National Park has cooler weather even in the summer, be prepared for packing some pants, jeans and long sleeve shirts alongside some shorts and short sleeve shirts.

For suitcases alone, the list of brands eBags carries is comprehensive:
• A. Saks
• American Tourister
• Bric’s
• Briggs & Riley
• Case Logic
• Claiborne Luggage
• Delsey
• Dockers Luggage
• Eagle Creek
• eBags
• Heys USA
• High Sierra
• International Traveller
• Johnston & Murphy
• Kenneth Cole Reaction Business and Luggage
• Olympia
• Osprey
• Pathfinder
• Pierre Cardin
• Ricardo Beverly Hills
• Rimowa
• Samsonite
• Skyway
• Titan Luggage
• Travelon
• Travelpro
• Tumi

The list of backpack brands is even longer! It is fun to look through all of the products and pictures. Once you find the perfect piece of luggage, it is time to order.

eBags provides several ways to pay and ships to Canada and the United States (and there’s a separate UK web store too):

  • Regular Checkout – this is for US orders paid by Credit Card
  • “Canadian Checkout” – this form is for Canadian residents who want to order from eBags.
  • Paypal – which is easy and Ebay users certainly are familiar with it.
  • Google Checkout – which I haven’t tried yet

Once the payment method is chosen, the rest of the checkout process is easy.

If you need to buy luggage for your trip to Jasper and you don’t want to lose your underwear, be sure to check out eBags.

Bonus tip: If you really want to do your homework, grab the suitcase model name from Ebags and do a Google search.  You may find it on Amazon or another online retailer for cheaper.

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8 comments to Keep Your Underwear in the Suitcase – Picking the Right Travel Luggage for Flying to Alberta, Canada

  • Hehe! You have a really funny nightmare, but I think all of us have those kinds of nightmares every once in a while. Check out those suitcases and luggage that are durable and long lasting.

  • After losing my suitcase THREE times on three different cruises I finally went for a mid range price but absolutely covered it with stickers and ribbons so it stuck out a mile. It’s been with me over 6 years now :-)

  • Wow, losing luggage 3 times cannot be fun…

    I’m amazed by the fancy luggage coming off the conveyor belt in the airports – and how most airports do nothing to prevent luggage from being stolen or taken by someone else by accident.

    It is hard to understand why expensive luggage is worth it. Mid range luggage seems plenty good to me. Even cheap stuff is fine if not overloaded.

  • You can always spot the holidaymakers that have had problems with luggage going missing in the past as they always have the suitcases with 5 different colured ribbons, 4 tags, 3 wrap around belts….LOL

  • my carry on always has a change of clothes. my flights are always getting delayed!

  • I can happily say I’ve never lost my suitcase on holiday – it must be awful, although perhaps not so bad if you are going somewhere hot – as you don’t need many clothes! But if I was going skiiing… !!!

  • Looking to buy a carry on with many features and the Mother Lode eTech looks like it is the one. Will look at it at Walmart prior to purchase on ebags.
    I travel with two small children and pack their clothes together…I think the packing cubes will come in handy!

  • I am also looking to get the Mother Lode eTech 21 inch. for my dad as a father’s day gift. He travels a lot for business and complains about his other cheaply made carry ons. I really hope that we have positive comments after using.
    Any suggestions?
    We are looking to use these on a two week trip this year with casual and dress clothes. We want to pack lighly to avoid previous struggles with large checked bags. If we have three of these bags and two strollers we wonder how transporting through the airport…. 2 adults and 2 kids, will go. Can we attach a strap to piggy back one?

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