Banff National Park on a Budget

I am obsessed with spending as little cash as possible on a vacation.  The more I can save, the longer I can vacation and the more I can see.  For the Jasper National Park traveler, saving money may mean being able to visit Jasper’s southern neighbor, Banff National Park.  The 2 parks together are considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Both are great places to see but the price adds up quickly without a little planning.

Any traveler trying to stretch a travel budget to get the most out of the Canadian Rockies just needs to do some homework online to find the best deals and itineraries.

You’ll find tips about saving money in Jasper here on Jasper National Park Journal (for instance: how to stay in a private home instead of a hotel to save money).

But when it comes to Banff National Park on a budget, there’s another good website that can point travelers in the right direction for saving money on Banff.

Jerry Foutz put together a helpful website about visiting Banff National Park on a budget.  Visit for many great tips about dining, lodging and activities and how to make the most out of a trip to Banff National Park without spending a fortune.

Jerry spends a couple of weeks in Banff every year and knows the in and outs.  His favorite restaurant in Banff is Rose & Crown where he gets a great meal for about $10 a person and doesn’t pay a cent for the amazing scenery.

Another way Jerry recommends to save money on food in Banff National Park is to do a picnic.  I’ve done picnics too in Jasper National Park, Yellowstone National Park and many other places.  Picnics are fun, easy and less money than restaurants.  Just pick up some food from a grocery store or deli in the morning and enjoy the day.  Instead of scheduling your day around being near a restaurant at lunch time and dinner, a picnic allows you to eat when you want and where you want – at your complete convenience.

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