Wintertime in Banff National Park – videos

Wintertime in Banff National Park is more than just amazing skiing. Many are surprised at just how much there is to do in Banff during winter.

This selection of videos taken by videographers and casual travelers shows the wonders that …

The Jasper National Park Song by Jessica Heine - Wonderful!!

You’ll LOVE this inspirational new song and video if you’re thinking about visiting Jasper National Park or want to reminisce on a past vacation.

The song by Jessica Heine is called “Give Me Jasper” and it is all about Jasper …

Are you ready to take great landscape photos during your Canadian Rockies vacation?

The Canadian Rockies.

Home of great landscapes.

Are you ready?

One of the best things about taking photos in the Canadian Rockies is that you don’t have to have a fancy camera or be an expert photographer to return home …

Videos of Marmots in Jasper National Park

Hoary marmots are cool.  Literally.  They live all year round in the cool weather of the Canadian Rockies, hibernating over half the year during the colder months.

With a little luck, you may see them in various places in Jasper …

Videos: Skiing and Snowboarding at Marmot Basin in Jasper

Let’s talk skiing and snowboarding videos shot at Marmot Basin Ski Resort in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada, North America, Earth.

This first video is a Marmot Basin official promotional video.  Well, it’s not really promotional…it just shows some good …

Video: Views atop Marmot Basin, Jasper National Park

Natalie Lucier created this 3:55 minute video of scenes atop Marmot Basin ski area overlooking the surrounding Canadian Rockies in Jasper National Park.  As she says in the video “mountains, mountains, and more mountains.”

All I can say is “Wow”.

A Jasper Park Traveler’s 1969 Home Movie

The first minute and a half of this short 1969 home movie shows an interesting and raw glimpse into the way Jasper National Park was – from the perspective of a 1969 traveler.

  • Big 60s American cars parked on Connaught

Create Your Own Jasper National Park Video

Want to do something unique to show off your Jasper National Park photos to friends and family? You might want to try Animoto.

Animoto is a new online service that creates videos for you out of the pictures you upload.…

Jasper National Park and Preserving the Environment

Today is Blog Action Day, a day about the environment. Jasper Journal is celebrating Blog Action Day by celebrating Jasper National Park.

  • “On October 15th, bloggers around the web will unite to put a single important issue on everyone’s mind

Elk versus train: Who wins?

The elks in Jasper National Park wander all around in search of food. Sometimes, this puts them in a dangerous position.

Usually, the threat is automobiles.

In this traveler’s video, we see something different. As a herd of elks …