“Nature Canada” Urges Increased Funding for Canada’s Wildlife Services

With the slogan “Building the Nature Nation”, Nature Canada is a member-based non-profit conservation organization with over 40,000 supporters and 350 naturalist organizations across Canada.

Nature Canada is involved in national conservation issues like bird conservation, wilderness protection, endangered species and national parks preservation. These are topics relevant to Jasper National Park, a large wilderness and mountain national park and housing several bird, animal and plant species.

Nature Canada points out several recent cutbacks to Environment Canada including a 70% cutback in Environmental Assessment and Monitoring, 40% cutback to the migratory bird program, and a short-term freeze on scientific field work.

Scruffy looking ram

The organization is urging people to speak out and wants a “fully funded, fully supported Environment Canada and Canadian Wildlife Service”.

Nature Canada (via this Nature Canada “Action Alert”) wants the following commitments from the Canada Prime Minister and Environment Minister:

“- Ensure healthy populations of migratory birds
– Establish and maintain a protected area network from coast to coast
– Monitor and protect endangered wildlife
– Provide realistic solutions to slow or adapt to climate change
– Maintain the quality of our air and water
– Protect native ecosystems from invasive species
– Keep our international commitments”

Learn more on this Nature Canada “Action Alert” page.

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