5 Stories from the Skyline Trail in Jasper National Park

The Skyline Trail is one of Jasper National Park’s popular backcountry hiking trails and runs from ridges near Maligne Lake to Maligne Canyon. Between wildlife sightings and the scenes from elevations higher than other trails in the park, Skyline Trail has earned its popularity.

5 hikers tell their stories in these Jasper National Park Skyline Trail trip reports:

  1. In this trip report on Outdoor Video Magazine, Ewen and the University of Alberta Outdoors Club hikes 44km (27 miles) over 3 days on the Skyline Trail during October in the off season. Read. The hikers went by snowshoe too as snow was abundant.
    August SkyLine 019

    (Photo credit: sashkiller on webshots)

  2. Brad and Christy talk about their amazing 60 day/1056 km hike here which included a few days on the Skyline Trail in Jasper National Park.
  3. Ken Takabe and friends spent 4 days in July doing the Skyline Trail and put together an excellent trip report here with lots of great photos. If you have Quicktime video player installed, you can click here to see a 360 degree panorama which is very realistic. Viewing it brought back memories of being on Whistlers Mountain after doing the Jasper Tramway and looking at the surrounding Canadian Rockies.
  4. Stephane Theroux recounts his 5-day hike along Skyline Trail in Jasper National Park in this excellent trip report. Read.
  5. Eddie Wong provides some tips about hiking and camping on the Skyline Trail and provides pictures too here.

(Photo credit: ca_rockies on webshots)

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  • Kessie

    Hello me and my boyfriend want to hike the skyline trail in alberta in August, where can we access trail maps etc?

    Any tips are greatly appreciated

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