Jasper National Park in Winter: Snowshoeing

Jasper by snowshoe: What could be a more classic way to explore the park? Today, outfitters offer snowshoe tours of Jasper National Park.

Imagine being in the same areas that 19th century fur traders and explorers. To see pictures, look no further than the Jasper-Yellowhead Museum’s historic outdoors photos (here) and be sure to visit the museum which is open Thursday to Sunday, 10-5 during winter.

To have your own snowshoe adventures, guides tours are an easy way to tour parts the Jasper National Park by snowshoe.

Photo by Rich Anderson

(Photo credit: Rich Anderson)

Guide Tours

The experience of a Jasper National Park snowshoe tour guide not only ensures safety but also gets you into some of the best places to see in the park in the snow.

Overlander Trekking is one such guide. Their offer: “Our trips venture into the deep snow of several different areas of Jasper searching for tracks and wildlife. This trip is available for all who want to enjoy the outdoors in winter. Beginners welcome.” Overlander has a guided $59 half-day package that includes boots, snowshoes, poles and transportation. This sounds like a great way to try out snowshoeing.

(Photo credit photo.jhassy)

The Jasper Adventure Centre also has 2 snowshoe tour offerings. The first is a 3 hour package. The $60 guided tour is available December to March. Jasper Adventure Centre describes it as “While identifying animal tracks listen to the winter song of the chickadee, smell the pine forest on a warm day or hear the ‘crispness’ of an early winter morning.”

Their second offering is a $90, 5.5-6 hour guided tour package that includes food. Trekking through a more secluded area of the park, the tour is described as a complete package: “Transportation, snowshoes, campfire, hot dogs, and hot chocolate are the ingredients for a filling experience.”

DIY Snowshoeing

Snowshoes can be rented in the Jasper village and you can set out on your own. For anything more than a short hike, planning and a good map are required.

Whether going with a guide or on your own, the mixture of snow and mountains make an awareness of the potential of avalanches essential. While snowshoeing is usually done in save area, being prepared for anything is always a good plan. Learn more in ‘What You Need to Know About Avalanches in Jasper National Park‘.

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