6 Scenic Views in Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park gift shops have offered all sorts of scenic postcards throughout the ages. In the 1960s, one of the items hanging from the gift shop racks was this “6 Scenic Views – Jasper Canadian Rockies” postcard set (from my personal collection).

The 6 scenic views in this Jasper National Park postcard set:

  1. Maligne Lake – Spirit Island close-up
  2. Mount Robson – through the trees and overlooking Berg Lake
  3. Jasper Park Lodge – aerial view
  4. Athabaska River – with mountain goats at water’s edge
  5. Maligne Lake – Spirit Island from far away
  6. Mount Edith Cavell – the scenic 11,000 ft high mountain

The photo credits read “Canadian National Railways” except for the photo of Mount Robson, which is credited to award-winning photographer and local legend Bruno Engler. I’ve mentioned Bruno Engler in regards to another vintage Jasper postcard in the past.

A view from afarThe publisher of this postcard had to pick the 6 best scenic photos to fit the limitations of the type of product being sold – a 6 photo postcard set. Picking the 6 best Jasper park scenes is a difficult task. Jasper National Park seems to emit great scenery from wherever one stands.

If I were to create a Jasper National Park postcard set today, I would remove one of the Maligne Lake photos. I’d instead include a picture of the Athabasca Glacier or one of the other glaciers.

Cairn on top of rock

The glaciers have been regarded for their beauty since the early days of the park.

The Jasper Tramway also offers an excellent source of scenic views.

I’d replace the Jasper Park Lodge aerial photo with a panoramic photo from the top of the Whistler’s Mountain – after riding the Jasper Tramway up the mountain.

From the top of Whistler’s Mountain, everywhere you look is wonderful, nature scenery. After all, Jasper’s most recent slogan is “Jasper. Wonderful by nature.”

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