The best way to describe Jasper National Park

What is the best way to describe Jasper National Park?

It isn’t easy to do properly.  But every now and then, someone says something that you know is just right.

I recently acquired a vintage 1937 brochure entitled “Jasper National Park in the Canadian Rockies” that surprisingly contained a hidden gem that seems to capture the essence of the park.

The gem is a description of Jasper National Park that is, well,…you have to read it for yourself…here:

“Nature writes her music and plies her brush with such a lavish hand here that he who dares to imitate is foredoomed to failure.  The pen, the brush, the lute nor the camera can catch the magic of Jasper.  That magic is only for the hearts and the souls of men and women who have been to Jasper and found it.  But found, it will remain like the fire of the sun in the diamond, imprisoned, but a joy and beauty forever.” – author unknown, Jasper National Park in the Canadian Rockies brochure, Canadian National Railways, 1937


From 1937 Jasper National Park brochure

Put out by the Canadian National Railways, the then operator of Jasper Park Lodge and a lot of the tourism goings on, the brochure sought to bring people to Jasper National Park.

The brochure also had this wonderful picture of Maligne Lake’s famous Spirit Island.

Maligne Lake - Spirit Island

Maligne Lake - Spirit Island (click to zoom)

I’ll write more about this brochure in the future. For now though, can you think of the better way to describe Jasper National Park?

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