What to wear to Jasper National Park circa 1948

Wondering what to wear to Jasper National Park?

A promotional magazine from 1948 will give some clues.

A page from a 1948 Jasper National Park promotional magazine put out by the Canadian National railways suggests all sorts of clothing options, which are still valid today even though trends change.

The magazine centers around the Jasper Park Lodge (now the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge), which at the time, was a property owned by Canadian National Railways.

Canadian National's Jasper National Park 1948 brochure cover

Canadian National's Jasper National Park 1948 brochure cover

The “What to Wear” page covers what to wear “At the Lodge” (meaning the Jasper Park Lodge), explaining:

“Let your taste be your guide.  Wear what you like, but you’ll find sports and lounging clothes best for relaxation.”

Use the zoom tool below to zoom in and see the details.

It also gives suggestions for motoring (driving a car), riding (horseback riding), golf, day time wear and evening wear.

The suggestion for what to wear during the day time seems to say it all:

“…depends on the weather and what you’re doing. Suit yourself….Just be comfortable.”

My advice: bring layers. During summer, mid-afternoon at a low altitude may be warm enough for short-sleeves and even shorts on some days. Most of the time, something warmer will be more comfortable. As the magazine page says for evening wear, “come prepared for cool mountain evenings.”

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  • Very nice tips! Being comfortable is very important! If you are not comfortable with what you are wearing, then you cannot appreciate the beauty around you.. so choose what’s comfortable and all with go smoothly.. :)

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