Photo: Icefield Parkway, north of Herbert Lake

I ‘m convinced that driving the Icefield Parkway from Banff National Park to Jasper National Park is the most enjoyable time you could ever have driving.

Here’s a few pics from just north of Herbert Lake near the southern end of the Icefield Parkway in Banff National Park.

If staying in Banff townsite, as many people do, be aware that compared to the Icefield Parkway, a boring highway (Trans-Canada Highway) connects Banff townsite to the Icefield Parkway.  It is still a great time though!

Jasper townsite, where most of the Jasper National Park hotels are, is minutes from the Icefield Parkway.

Stay tuned for more on Icefields Parkway.  It gets even better!

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2 comments to Photo: Icefield Parkway, north of Herbert Lake

  • Kelly

    How says the drive from Banff to Lake Louise then to IFP is “boring”??
    Disappointing for a site that purports to represent a national park!

  • Corrected. I meant to say “Compared to the Icefield Parkway”, it is boring! I just drove from Lake Louise to Jasper yesterday and it was a long day!

    I will say that there aren’t as many lookouts along the Trans-Canada Highway and most of it is fenced in to protect the animals. This means the chance of animal sightings along the fenced part of the highway are nil with the exception of the animal bridges.

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